Elden Ring Adventures with Nyanners & Ironmouse

Nyanners & Ironmouse go on a chaotic co-op adventure in Elden Ring!
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• Animations by @Newbie Is Pro – https://twitter.com/NewbieIsPro
• Art (Opera horse, handsome Margit, pixel knight) by Sioell: https://twitter.com/Sioell1130
• Music (Intro, title card, and Watcher chase scene) by Daryl: https://twitter.com/DarylBarnes_
• Edited by Jugs: https://twitter.com/JugsLinterfins
• Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound & DOVA-SYNDROME

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Outro Music: https://twitter.com/LordAethelstan
Outro Art: https://twitter.com/arisuke_gnsn
Outro Background: https://twitter.com/uwumedia

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