Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪

Get Power! Ebola power at the Ebola-chan’s mental hospital.
This madhouse can cure everybody, including a Frog, Ash or even P*TA

I am sincerely sorry for leaving my Youtube channel for a long time.
I will tell you all about it on my next video.
Once again, I am so sorry ><

Developed by: Doujin Circle “ICETEA"

Artworks, Japanese Script, English Translation: Ken
Animation, Graphic effect: Inu
Chinese Translation: Usagi
Vectorizing: Arzchymilitov

■■■■■ Script ■■■■■
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
Ebola chan is…
A kawaii female anime character designed as
an anthropomorphic representation of the Ebola virus.
Feel bad man…
Ebola-chan, I need your help.
I can’t stop cyring. Uwaaaaa!!
Oh, such a sad frog.
My guessing is that
you have an eyeball-licking fetishism
It would be my honor if you lick my eyeball.
Anyway, use this.
It’s a medicine made of Ebola.
Wait, are you sure this is a medicine?
What’s that skull mark on it?
Everything is fine. You might shed a red tear,
but but that’s a sign of detoxification.
What’s that skull mark on it…
Feel good man!!
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
Help me Ebola-chan.
My pikachu doesn’t love me anymore.
I throw my Pokeball to him
But he never gets inside.
Did you just noticed that now?
He doesn’t suck my pokeball anymore.
While he spreads his leg to other people.
Why don’t I get good stuff from him!
Ahh, you’re a perverted pokemon abusive trainer
I’m going to give you
an anal-logic solution.
Feeling good
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
You killed animals.
wait, how did you know?
Well, primates and bats certainly got infected with my virus.
You can kill humans, but how dare killing animals!!
Don’t you know animals has what we call “human rights!?"
ahh, sorry, sorry.
So humans doesn’t have the “human rights" right?
Only animals has “human rights"!!
I’m going to sue you, you beast!!
But you don’t have the human rights
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
Ebolachan Kawaii Kawaii
Ronald scrubs his no●dle.
Fap! Fap!
I’m c●mming…
That was finger licking good.
Get the hell out of my hospital!
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
Hey, there is someone
I want you to infect with Ebola.
Oh ISIS-chan
The kawaii anthropomorphized character for IS
It’s been long time!
Since you are my friend,
you can make a request.
So, Who’s blood you want to shed?
Well, let say…
I wanted ISIS to be an
independent melon state…
But somebody else made an Independent State.
No it’s more than a state! It’s a land!
And who owns it. It’s a mouse!
To show my respect and love,
I want him to be infected with Ebola.
Okay, so who?
The mouse.
You’re putting my video in risk again!
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
Ebola-chan. There is something I want to give you.
Ohh, Beno chan, long time no see.
Yep. This is Beno, your favorite girl.
A ring?
Let’s have a same sex marriage, Ebola senpai!
I want to suck you twin tails every day!
You are…
Gross on so many levels!
What do you say that senpai!
I know, that woman must be tricking you!
Hey, don’t yandere on me.
I’m more kawaii than that lame woman!
I’m more beautiful right?
I’m more nice and love you more than she does.
Let’s move to a country
where same-sex marriage is legal
Did you know I am a great licker?
I will lick you virus all the time.
I will help you spread ebola all over the world.
I am warm, unlike that woman who is now cold.
You are scarier than a virus.
Ebola-chan’s Hospital♪
Y, you are…!!
Unlike the failure, Zmapp…
Cure-chan can actually cure the Ebola virus.
I won’t be like Zmapp-chan
I will defeat you and clean Ebola from the world.
Now, get you weapon Ebola-chan.
Enough of cursing the dead!!
Fight me fair and square!!
Haaaaa!! haa!!!
What a dream that was…
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