This is what will happen if Pokemon go was real.

Our Guests:
Sonic, Donarudo, Funasshi, Abe Takakuzu, RJ (Kancolle), Hane-tan (https://twitter.com/usiarumo)

Pokemons we proudly captured:
Magikarp, Psyduck, Sanic, Mickey, Exeggcute, Kumamon, Dickbutt, Funasshi, Pikachu

Our Doujin Team

Proof-read: Schieem

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■□■□■ Script ■□■□■
Nyan Hello!!
Watch out, Beno-chan!
Oh, sorry
I was playing Pokémon GO
I still can’t find Pikachu
This game is so real and fun
Pokémon GO is…
An APP you can catch Pokémon in real life
By using Smartphone, you will discover Pokémon
Some people are so addicted it, so is Beno-chan.
Look, Beno-chan!
I got Rattata!
It’s MagiKarp!!
I’m going to catch it!!
That’s the worst possible way to catch a Pokémon, Beno-chan
But we do it this way in real life
You should had use the Pokeball in the beginning
YES!! This is the 9th Pokémon I got today!!
But they’re more dead than alive!
Now let’s go outside and find Pikachu!
Oh, okay…
Hey guys
Oh well, whatever
In Pokémon-go
You will find city-like Pokémon in the city
And you will find water Pokémon in lakes
It’s Squirtle!!
I’m going to take a lot of screenshots!!
Good, so many great photographs!!
Just delete the nudities, please?
I’ll go use the restroom in the city park
Wait, there is a free restroom there
You cheap poorfag
Ummmm, I need to pee!!
Whadoya think about this fucker?
Uho! Hot Pokémon!
It’s awfully big, right?
In Pokémon GO…
You will find city-like Pokémon in the city
And you will find Funabashi’s Pokémon in Funabashi
Don’t catch him, from the viewpoint of copyright!
A new Pokémon species!! I’m going to catch you now!!
I’m out, Nasshi!!
WTF, Nasshi!!
Funashi is not Pokémon, Nasshi!!
Wait, you’re not a Pokémon?
Of course not, Nasshi!!!
Oh, I’m so sorry…
Fight me fist to fist, Nasshi!!
Or I’m going to masturbate now and your video will be deleted!
Onee-chan, look!
I got a rare human-language speaking Pokémon!
But you didn’t listened to any of his words.
And then, Beno-chan…
Caught a Kuma-type Pokémon in Kumamoto
Also caught a black mouse in the land of dream
You know, Donarudo…
loves Prostitute!!
Ahh, that was the best sex Donarudo ever had
Ah, a new Pokémon
OHH! It’s Tama-Tama (Exeggcute)
Wait, why are there two eggs only?
Because you stole it from Donarudo
How did you even get human testicles?
looks like it’s beyond…
the power of your imagination.
You, TWAT!!!
Give Donarudo his eggs back!!
These are MY eggs now!!
Just give my balls back!!
Beno-chan, let’s call it a day…
Onee-chan, look!
I got another Kuma monster!
You caught another innocent Kuma-mon?
B, Beno-chan…
This is bad…!!
Never show this loli-pantsu picture to anyone!
But it’s on my twitter now
That’s the worst action you could ever take!!
Hey girls!
Which one of you uploaded loli-pantsu on twitter account called Eilene?
Beno, goddamn it!!
You used my twitter account!!?
Why not!!
My Kuma-chan is adorable!
So you’re the one who took the peeping photos
Don’t touch my Kuma-chan!!
Where do you think you’re going?
Don’t do GTA in real life, Beno-chan!!
I can’t help it, let’s battle!!
This is it!!
Why didn’t you mega evolve!?
Come on! Do it! Mega Evolve!
You’re way worse than Team Rocket!!
First a sexual assault, now you committed murder?
She’s out of control now!
Just give up! No more serious crime!!
I can finally get you now
We will be the Pokémon Master together
Oh wow, I just got my first Pokémon
Come to momma, Pikachu
We’re going to be the Pokémon master, together!