【LIVE】即興ソングのアレンジ発表!♪HANJO STAY HOME



Many people have arranged the HANJO STAY HOME song that we made together a few weeks back! Let’s take a look at them.

【Impromptu Song “HANJO STAY HOME”】

Arrange our song!
Here’s the song that we made together on live stream٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
Feel free to be creative with it!
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F          Am7
Stay home, stay safe, always have faith
Dm7        G7
Stay home, stay safe, don’t misbehave
B                F
Wear a mask and wash your hands, so we can protect our loved ones
C          A7
Don’t worry just smile, this’ll end in a little while
F     C       A7   Dm7
After night comes the day, kira kira will show the way
B       F         C
Ai no chikara, power of HANJO! will save the day
F               C              Dm7 G7
Mirai wa akarui(the future is bright), the world can’t freeze us forever
B      Bm7                F
Sekai wa hitotsu(the world is one), we’re all in this together


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